Guariz is owned and operated by a proud Latino couple, who's love for their heritage inspired them to create a brand in order to share their love form their patria, to the world.
It all started with the small idea to recreate the typical Mexican Hurache, into a more suitable, comfortable & durable shoe, for everyday use. With our heritage being from Mexico, it was only natural that we started there. We wanted to keep the concept as pure to its roots, being 100% artisan, 100% leather & dyed with traditional colors because of the love for our heritage.
As Guariz grew, our vision grew, we knew we wanted to reach latinos all over the world! We realized how alike we are and share common interest, such as, the love for music, food, huaraches, culture, and so on. From that moment, we decided to take things to another level. We understand the generation, we value both the old school and modern trends.
We believe in giving back and supporting la gente so we decided to work directly with the artisans to assure fair working conditions and wages. To us this means practicing fair trade principals.
The women’s shoe line was our first official release in 2017.  We added modern, more fashionable colors and added a more durable and Americanized sole to our Güariz. Each shoe is hand cut, hand woven and hand molded. We select from the best quality leathers to ensure the best final product. We wanted to make Güariz shoes into a higher end fashion statement while keeping the valuable work of the artisans.
Every single element in creating our Güariz shoes is a representation of our vision and sought out to be made to the high standards. We have made it our 'mission to bring to you' the best quality shoe-craftsman ship there is.
In the summer of 2018, Guariz apparel was introduced to the brand and heritage inspired tops for both men and women were released. Apparel that is relatable to todays trends and la CULTURA.
Our Guariz Men Shoe line dropped in the fall of 2018. We opted to only use the highest quality craftsmanship with these shoes. Making our mens line one of the most sought out huaraches, after fine tuning the hand making process, to look seamlessly perfect.
As a customer of GÜARIZ BRAND, we are not only promising you the highest quality but, you are also supporting local small businesses and our beloved artisans, who we've been working with since day ONE.
Thank you for your interest in our company, we hope you absolutely love your new one of a kind Guariz Brand goods.
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